Victoria has an insatiable curiosity for the exceptional, which explains her unique and innovative approach to experience.
A consultant, advisor and experience designer to the brands she works with,
Victoria’s imagination and ideas are described as an unlimited vault of potential and possibility.

There are five fundamentals that lie at the core of the work she does:

Always human centred.
Always fuelled by imagination.
Always distinguished by difference.
Always future thinking.
Always delivers on promise.

The intersection of these equal unique, extraordinary, meaningful experiences.

In today’s experience economy, difference is a superpower and Victoria empowers her clients to deliver different through experience and experiential led strategies put humans first, delivering surprise and delight in experience, increasing brand engagement, sentiment, purchases, and loyalty.

Where depleting attention has become a currency, imagination is a commodity and Victoria’s work is to imagine, advise, design, and create experiences that capture attention, keep it, and deliver beyond exceptional.

She has worked with an array of clients, from boutique experiential experiences and projects with market leaders such as Warner Bros, ITV, Aston Martin, Kempinski Hotels & Resorts, P&O and many boutique hospitality groups, to ultra-high net worth individuals, Victoria’s work is soaked in variety, creativity and imagination.

A thought leader, keynote speaker and lifelong researcher, you will find Victoria always asking one underlying question: How can we make this extraordinary?

Experience Is Theirs: A Seven World Quest To Become Extraordinary

This keynote will help brands to understand why it is important and how to put the human at the centre of decision making in organisations.
It will take the audience through my seven worlds of experience design model so they are able to apply it to their own industries.
Without humans, business doesn’t exist and their experience, in an increasingly experience driven world, should always be our focus.
This keynote will help the audience to think from a human centred perspective to help them become experience designers themselves.
We are all in experience first and foremost, secondary comes what we do!