Co-founder and CEO of Howitzer – the world’s first Reddit marketing tool. His background is in software engineering, but his main interests are growth hacking and launching & scaling startups. Loves to share his expertise in the startup domain, his unique approach to building and growing businesses and his experience in raising investments. Howitzer, the company he founded, is the company that raised the biggest pre-seed investment in Macedonia, so far – $500,000.

Unlocking ‘Platform Outreach’ as a marketing channel

Nikola will be talking about ‘platform outreach’ – a completely new concept of utilizing unique and untapped marketing channels, and it’s benefits in helping the early-stage startups reach their product-market fit much faster. The ‘platform outreach’ concept is an upgraded version of the ‘cold outreach’ approach, and is based on hyper-targeting your ideal customers and reaching out to them on the social platforms they are mostly active on. Compared to the traditional cold outreach approaches, using platform outreach you can generate results unlike any other marketing channel currently available.