Founder and CEO of Flying Cat Marketing, an SEO and content agency for B2B SaaS companies, specializing in martech, salestech and HR tech. Her focus is on breaking the status quo for SEO, aligning it with the other growth departments in a company, and ensuring the work her agency does drives true business impact for her clients. She began her career 13 years ago as a freelance consultant and writer, during which she worked with various tech companies and agencies. She’s always been interested in bringing more meaning to SEO content and aligning it with today’s B2B buyer’s needs.

How to prioritize the right SEO efforts and ignore the rest

In a world of marketing budget cuts, layoffs and funding freezes, there’s no more important time to invest in organic channels. But SEO is complicated, the choice for tactics and opportunity lanes are vast, and it’s hard to know where to best place your resources. Maeva will break down her Foundations, Growth, Scale framework, which is designed to help prioritize SEO efforts (and ignore the rest) to do the right things, in the right order to build your organic revenue engine in the most efficient and effective way.