Kirsten Jassies is a social media expert from the Netherlands. She is a speaker, trainer and author, her latest book is called TikTology, about the science on short form video for Instagram reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Media, government and retail are the type of companies she helps with their social strategies, like IKEA and KLM.
She is always researching the newest trends by talking to popular creators and companies who are performing well and she shares this knowledge through (social) media, blogs and books.

Tiktology: let’s go viral!

Everybody is watching short form video. No wonder Instagram copies TikTok with their Reels and YouTube calls them Shorts. That’s where all the attention goes to. So what can we do to join this viral vibe? Are there some great hacks? Social Media expert Kirsten will tell & show and give you tons ons examples and how to’s. Let’s go viral!