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AllWeb is a result of dedicated commitment from people who work, live and enjoy all things digital. For 7 years now, AllWeb provides great speakers, unique experiences, quality content, networking and lots of knowledge sharing.

Always determined to push the market few steps ahead, this year we are bringing down the focus to digital transformation and the future of brands in the digital are.


Amy Guttman

Producer, Reporter, Speaker and Media Strategist. Regular contributor for Forbes’ Entrepreneurs, PBS Newshour and the BBC. She helps brands define their stories and identify opportunities to work with the media.

Matt Desmier

Matt is a man that looks at marketing problems and business growth situations in a relatively unique way. Branding, content marketing, digital transformation… Matt is the man that brings a fresh perspective.

Roger Edwards

Experienced marketing professional helping businesses with their marketing strategy, content, and social media. Marketing director of several UK financial services brands. Host of the popular Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Dragan Varagic

Internet marketing, e-business, online PR and online sales professional since 1998. His focus is Business Transformation, e-Busines Dev. and education. His latest talks and writings including his latest book is focused on Digital Pre-Marketing.

Nedim Sabic

His focus is SEO, but he has a great expertise in Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and email marketing. Currently he’s focusing at his senior consultant business in Germany by helping unicorns to build a unique marketing strategy.

Gorjan Jovanovski

Developer & team leader in Booking.com, actively looks for ways on how technology and data can contribute towards the battle against air pollution. creator of MojVozduh, air-quality tracking app, used by over 100.000 people.

Alessandro Angilella

He has 20 years of experience in managing complex projects with focus on e-commerce projects. Has broad knowledge and understanding of multichannel retail, content management, change management..

Neil Cocker

Neil is a British entrepreneur and startup mentor who has been working in the Balkans for 2 years. His background in the music industry led to him starting a series of businesses in the merchandise sector.

Espree Devora

Known as “the Girl who Gets it Done” She is an entrepreneur, speaker and startup journalist for TechZulu. She has provided seminars in interactive content and social media to many corporations and universities including CBS, Disney and USC Executive MBA. She is the author of “Productivity for Startups”


Blaze Arizanov

Founder and Chief Marketing Uncle of StayUncle hotels for couples in India declared as one of the Top 50 things that have happened to India in 2017 and one of the Nine Startups to Watch in India this 2018. Author of Белиот трофеј (The White Trophy)

Borislav Miljanovic

Dr. Borislav Miljanović iscommunication professional with 30 years of experience on the regional scene. He is founder and director of Represent System, specialized agencies in the field of PR and Digital Communication.


session 1.

  • 8:30 – 9:15 Registration
    and morning coffee with Black&Easy
  • Official Opening
  • Roger Edwards
  • Espree Devora
  • Dragan Varagic
  • 11.00 – 11.30
    Black&Easy coffee, second dose

session 2.

  • Alessandro Angilella
    Prenatal Retail Group
  • Gorjan Jovanovski
  • Nedim Sabic
    Senior Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Neil Cocker
  • Jovan Despotovski
  • 14.00 – 15.00
    Food, Presentation and Networking
    with FITR.mk

session 3

  • Blaze Arizanov
  • Borislav Miljanovic
  • Amy Guttman
  • Matt Desmier
  • Official Closing


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Who is behind AllWeb? Darko Buldioski, Slavica Biljarska Mirceski, the whole NewMediaMK team (Natalija, David, Darjan, Natasha, Simona, Mane…) our beloved friends Nikola Madik, Vladimir Vulic, Nikola Spasov, Robert Petkovic and of course all of our partners.