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AllWeb is the leading conference on digital marketing, business and transformation in Macedonia. It creates unique possibilities for you to connect with and learn from some of the globally most influential thinkers and doers.

Each dot in our amazing event is thoughtfully shaped to focus your perspective on the future and prepare you and your team for the digital challenges. 

15 November 2019 / Macedonian Philharmonics, Skopje

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Alex barker
be more pirate

Daniele Fiandaca
Utopia & Token Man

Maja Jovancevic
Gaming Innovation Group

More speakers coming soon.

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About the conference

Back in 2012, when it started, AllWeb was a commitment of a group of dedicated people to invest in the knowledge of marketing and business people in Macedonia. Eight years now we are pushing and shaping the market, each year putting the boundaries higher when it comes to the quality of the content and the speakers.

Including this year’s participants, we can now proudly say that we have reached more than 2.500 people’s ‘brain cells’ in two countries: Macedonia and Albania, offering them more than 180 different perspectives and opinions from our speakers.


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Who is behind AllWeb? Darko Buldioski, Slavica Biljarska Mirceski, the whole NewMediaMK team (Natalija, David, Natasha, Neno, Simona…) our beloved friends Nikola Madik, Vladimir Vulic, Nikola Spasov, Robert Petkovic and of course all of our partners.