Paul Papadimitriou
Founder, Intelligencr

Michael Schulz

Dave Birss

Ivan Minic
Founder - Burek.com

Vladimir Vulic
Co-founder - Digitalizuj.me

Ivan Rečević
Co-owner - HUGE Media

Paweł Kolenda
Research Director at IAB Poland

Nikola Jovanović


More speakers coming soon!


The successful story of AllWeb continues. This sole event offers a unique opportunity to companies, organization, entrepreneurs and individuals to improve their online presence and keep a step with the ever-changing digital environment.

AllWeb started in 2012 in Macedonia as annual conference aimed to provide quality content, great speakers, useful case studies and selfless knowledge sharing in the Balkan Region.

Dimitar Kovacevski

If we agree that social media networks are growing into the biggest marketplaces for ideas, participation and doing business, than we can agree that AllWeb Macedonia over the past few years has grown not only into the best conference in Macedonia but also into a regional standard of sharing best practices in digital and social media. This makes T-Mobile and Telekom proud partners of AllWeb.

Dimitar Kovacevski Telekom and T-Mobile Macedonia
Mitco Cabevski

AllWeb does a great job of bringing together great speakers to discuss the hot topics shaping the digital marketing space. Each year it gets better and better and with each one, more and more essential for the local marketing scene. In an industry where next week's news is already too old, AllWeb allows a great perspective into the future of digital marketing as well as the current trends. Plus you will meet very interesting people and have a great networking experience.

Mitco Cabevski U:Plug

Savica Kusakatski

AllWeb is an extraordinary conference, the only of this kind in MK. Extremely impressive, where everyone can hear, and at least can learn one new thing. Event that must be visited.


Savica Kusakatski Telegraf.mk

Ivan Petrusevski

The conference is a great opportunity for gaining new ideas and ways to develop your brand using Internet and social media marketing. Allweb is a must have for every company who wants to develop effective online presence.


Ivan Petrusevski MKhost
Darjan Radenkovic

AllWeb is the most representative event you can attend when it comes to successfully following the digital trends, gaining new knowledge and skills, networking and socializing with the fellow colleagues. The formal part of the conference is serious enough, and the informal part is relaxed enough, to allow you to gain maximum ROI from the lectures as well as from the networking.

Darjan Radenkovic Vienna Insurance Group
Petra Taseva

AllWeb is D conference for the interactive marketing community. It is an amazing opportunity to exchange ideas while networking with industry’s key players, to listen to world-class speakers who deliver valuable content, to learn about new opportunities on how to take advantage of technology and digital media to keep customers happy, to have fun with professionals who share the same passion for marketing and the digital media industry. That’s why it is a must attend event!

Petra Taseva IWM Network
Darko Lazarevski

From the first conference in 2012, starting as one of a kind conference in Macedonia, i can say that AllWeb now has become one of the most valuable events in the region for everyone who is involved in the digital industry. I recommend it for all agencies, advertisers and individuals who don't wan't to miss a thing in the world of digital.

Darko Lazarevski Kajgana Media
Vladimir Ristevski

If you are in any way connected to digital marketing and PR, then AllWeb is the place to be. Speakers are always selected well, the audience actually gets involved and asks relevant questions, the networking opportunity is priceless. Haven't missed a conference yet, so I'll see you there!


Vladimir Ristevski Piksel.mk
Dusan Markovic

AllWeb is an event where local experts share their knowledge and experience and discuss upcoming trends in the digital marketing and Online PR. The perfect balance between presentations, panel discussions and networking makes this event unique. I’m already looking forward the next event in November

Dusan Markovic ONE Telecom




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